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Arroz a la Cubana is a delightful ground meat hash customarily presented with rice, saba bananas, and broiled eggs. It’s not difficult to make, financial plan well disposed, and a generous feast that is certain to be a supper number one.

It’s begging to be proven wrong whether Arroz a la Cubana started from Cuba, as its name suggests, yet the dish exists in numerous Spanish-talking nations. There are numerous local assortments, from the meatless bubbled rice with pureed tomatoes or sofrito, broiled eggs, and plantains of Spain or the more powerful rendition comprising of white rice, seared sausage Weiner, seared egg, and broiled plantains of Peru.

Filipino arroz cubano

In Philippine cooking, Arroz Cubano is made out of four components: exquisite minced hamburger, rice, eggs, and bananas.

Ground hamburger I like to set up mine with a straightforward expansion of green peas, however go ahead and cook it picadillo-style with potatoes, carrots, raisins, and ringer peppers. Rice-typically steamed rice, but at the same time it’s generally expected to coordinate the dish with sinangag for breakfast.

Bananas-while broiled saba bananas are customary, some utilization Dole bananas too. Pick ready bananas for a better taste yet firm to hold them back from going to pieces. Broiled eggs-top the rice with just right eggs with delicate, runny yolks.

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Instructions to serve
Arroz a la Cubana makes a filling feast for breakfast, lunch, or supper.
To gather, shape a liberal scoop of steamed rice into a vault utilizing a cup. Put rice on a plate, top with a seared egg, and present with the exquisite minced hamburger and cuts of broiled bananas.

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